• design calculations and equipment selection • technical specifications • single line and block diagrams • layout and section drawings, 3D modelling • schematic diagrams, terminal plans • various details (earthing, cable connections etc.) • other necessary documents
Elektro-Inženjerski Biro’s long history of electrical design, production of documentation in envelops all stages, all levels electrical design, weather it is switchyards, substations, powerplant generator voltage installations, or industrial installations. Full scope of services from a reliable partner will provide a wide range of benefits for your project, including an increase of efficiency, reduction of problems, both during preparation stage, and erection and utilization stages. At EIB, we always develop and embrace the best technical solutions and tools to ensure the highest level of quality in our works. Since our very starts, all designs include 3D modelling to ensure real-model checking of values, visualization of space usage, and optimization of future exploitation, especially in aspects of maintenance, where often, erected installations are realized to present less than perfect solutions for access and safe works.

Such tools include:

Using advanced tools helps us create better documentation, which is in turn easier to understand and follow during erection and later. Examples of end results are displayed in pictures below.


Assembly drawing – Voltage Transformer, 110 kV, ISO View



Schematics – Manual control diagram, 110 kV switchyard





Visual render – 17 bays, 110 kV switchyard



Visual render – Transformer bay, 110 kV, Croatia


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